Our Staff

Elementary Staff

Hailey Hooker

Kindergarten Four Teacher

Crystal Rios

Kindergarten Four Assistant

Dawn McMinn

Kindergarten Teacher

Crista Skinner

First Grade

Kristie Atwater

Second Grade

Ashley Helms

Third Grade

Liza Garcia

Fourth Grade

Barbie Dodson

Fifth Grade

Michael Stanton

Sixth Grade

Junior High & Highschool Staff

Mark Parker

10th -12th Grade Bible Class

Adam Helms

7th - 9th Grade Bible and History

Dani Boyd


Rae Cano

Mathematics and Cheerleading

Jennifer Stark

10 th - 12th Grade English and Yearbook

Cory Guisler

7th - 9th Grade English, Speech, and Health

Gerald Boyd

7th - 12th Grade Computer Class and Dual Credits

Billy Stark

History and Athletic Director

Arts and Physical Education

David Marecle

Boys  Physical Education

Katie Stanton

Elementary and Girls Physical Education

Wendy McCormick

Lunches and Library

Marcia Johnson

Music Arts and Chior

Alex Boyd

Music Arts and Choir Aide

Trevor Dunlap

Highschool Art