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Calvary Baptist School is now using Microsoft Teams for Education to help our students and parents connect with teachers and access assignments from home. For the students to use Microsoft Teams, they will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Teams can be used from most web browsers, or the app can be downloaded onto the student’s favorite device.

To get connected, register for Teams today.

1. Go to
2. Enter first initial and last (Ex:
 3. Enter password Romans58
4. Follow prompts to reset password (Choose something you will remember!)
5. Choose authentication method and follow prompts
6. Locate the Teams Icon
7. Download the Microsoft Teams App to your favorite device and set notifications to "ON"
For more detailed instructions with pictures please click on this link Parent Portal Login Procedure
For Technical Support - Click here - CBS Help Desk
Gerald Boyd- 936-446-8491
IT Manager / Instructor

For Assistance, please complete form and submit.